Wisdom Teeth

A wisdom tooth is one of the large chewing teeth all the way at the back of your mouth.

What are impacted wisdom teeth?

An “impacted” wisdom tooth is one that has failed to emerge fully into its ideal position. An impacted tooth that is still buried underneath your gums can be left alone as long as it’s not causing you any pain or discomfort.

What problems can an impacted wisdom tooth cause?

The term “pericoronitis” refers to an infection that is common with impacted wisdom teeth. It is most common when only part of the wisdom tooth has emerged from underneath your gums.

When your wisdom tooth is only partially erupted, dental plaque can accumulate in the space between the wisdom tooth and the surrounding gum  .The plaque can cause an infection to spread to the tissues surrounding your wisdom tooth, which in turn makes the area feel tender and start to swell. It can also be quite painful and can cause unpleasant mouth odours and taste. In some cases, it can make it difficult for you to open your mouth.

Pericoronitis is usually a temporary problem that can treated and preventative advice offered . If pericoronitis is occurring repeatedly, then your dentist may recommend having the wisdom tooth extracted, most likely by a Specialist Oral Surgeon