Bridges are ideal for people who do not like dentures and only have one or two teeth missing.

The dental bridge is permanent and will be matched in colour to your other teeth so the appearance of the new tooth is natural.
Bridges are usually made by crowning the teeth on either side of the gap then attaching a false tooth in the middle. They are fixed in the same way as crowns. These bridges are usually made of precious metal bonded to porcelain.

There are also new bridges made entirely of a special type of strong porcelain.

Treatment pathway

The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are prepared by shaping then into correct alignment.
An impression is  taken (Mould)  of the shaped teeth , and one of the opposing  jaw, and possibly another to mark the way you bite together.
A temporary bridge  will be fitted to the prepared teeth, while the permanent bridge is being made.
The impression together with instructions on tooth colour is sent to the Dental Technician  where the bridge is hand-crafted.
The bridge will be “tried in your mouth “so you are happy with the bridge before it is permanently bonded into place by the Dentist.