Dentures are removable false teeth made of acrylic (plastic) or metal. They fit over the gums to replace missing teeth .
Gaps left by missing teeth can cause problems with eating and speech.
Partial dentures, replace one or a few teeth.
On rare occasions all the remaining  teeth need to be removed and replaced.  You many need a complete set of dentures.
If your dentures are well looked after, they should last several years. However, your dentures will need to be relined or re-made because of normal wear or a change in the shape of your mouth. Bone and gum ridges can shrink, causing your jaws to meet differently.
Loose dentures can make eating and talking more difficult, cause health problems, including sores and infections, and discomfort.
Worn or badly fitting dentures should be replaced before they cause problems.

Treatment pathway

The dentist will examine your mouth ,taking an assessment of your mouth’s suitability, including the healthiness of your gums.
The dentist will take an impression( Mould) of your gums to construct your dentures.
These Impressions are sent to a Dental technician who constructs your dentures.
The following visit, we will  use” wax bites “to assess how your lower and upper jaws occlude (Come together).
Trial dentures (Try Ins) are made . These are then tried in the mouth to check for fit, and appearance. We can modify the trial dentures if needed, once you are entirely happy, these are converted into the finished set.
The Denture process normally takes 4 to 5 visits, with each a week apart.
For Partial dentures -the process takes 2-3 visits, with each appointment a week apart.